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Email Marketing – Yes You Can!

Email Marketing - Call us today if £20 per enquiry would grow your profit - 0116 275 8456Research recently provided proof positive that time-poor executives are no longer just workaholics - they’re also addicted to their email. The figures speak for themselves:

  • 70% of business users check their emails six or more times a day
  • 50% of business users check their email while on holiday

Far be it from us to suggest that they might like to take a time management course, or check out the local culture while on holiday, because these figures reveal just why email marketing works.

Well, let’s qualify that: properly executed, relevant, targeted, consumer and business to business email marketing, which applies sound marketing principles and adheres to data protection legislation and guidelines around spam, works. But that’s not quite so snappy.

Sticking with the fact that email marketing works, Impact Web Solutions' email marketing packages make it easy for you to take advantage of this powerful, effective and economic marketing tool.

To talk to Impact Web Solutions about how email marketing could help grow your business, call 0116 275 8456 today.

We understand that not everyone needs the most sophisticated email marketing tools and that some businesses will see fantastic benefits simply from implementing good, basic campaigns for the first time. That’s why we’ve designed a range of email marketing packages to suit your business and your budget.

All of our email marketing packages:

  • include a unique template for your business, so you can maintain a consistent brand look and feel
  • allow you to create eye-catching HTML emails, including your own images, without any prior HTML experience.
  • automatically clean your data to comply with legislation and avoid spam blacklists
  • include analysis tools to compare past and refine future campaigns for better response rates
  • offer online help and advice to help you really get the most from your email marketing communications

Our enhanced Silver and Gold Email Marketing packages include a variety of additional tools and techniques, to further increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. To help you choose the perfect package, decide which of the following best describes your business:

Bronze: ideal if you making your first foray into email marketing. Simple to use and requires minimal resource to deliver increased sales or enquiries.

Silver: ideal if you’d like the facility to monitor and refine ongoing email campaigns to increase response rates and you want to serve targeted information, in addition to what is already available on your website, in response to click-throughs, to increase conversion rates.

Gold: for experienced email marketers or those with resource to manage sophisticated campaigns. Greater facilities for segmentation, and for creating dynamic, personalised content, real time behaviour monitoring and analytics, insight building and split testing for the most effective, multi-stage campaigns.

For more information on which email marketing package might suit your business best, and how to exploit the power of email marketing to grow your business, call Impact Web Solutions on 0116 275 8456

Here are the different email marketing packages in detail. And if you have precise requirements which aren’t covered below, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to explore how we can help you to achieve your objectives.


Bronze Email Marketing Package

Feature Benefit
Email Template Allows you to maintain a consistent brand look and feel.The template is designed to deliver your key message in the preview pane.We have incorporated features to achieve a low spam score to help more of your emails reach their destination.
WYSIWIG and HTML Editor Allows you to easily produce attractive, impactful emails, without prior HTML experience.
Upload images Easily add visual impact to your message with images from your image library.Using images as links is proven to improve click-through rates.
Unsubscribe Automatically removes opt-out recipients from your data and fulfil EU guidelines, keep your data clean and prevent you being blacklisted as a spammer.
Refer to a friend Encourages recipients to forward emails. Provides viral marketing opportunities for additional opt-in contact email addresses.
Data category lists Create separate lists for different types of data for complete control over who receives which of your emails.
Upload data files Quickly add contact data in csv format to update your email lists and increase market penetration.
Bounce management Identifies individual hard and soft bounces of undeliverable emails and automatically excludes them from all campaigns.
Campaign Analytics Allows you to easily compare results for two or more campaigns to refine future emails and feed into campaign planning.
Online help guide Immediate and comprehensive online guides are just a click away, 24 hours a day.


Silver Email Marketing Package

Includes all of the features of the Bronze package, plus the following additional features:

Feature Benefit
Spam Checker Scores your emails against spam filter software to identify problem areas before you send them helping to improve delivery rates by up to 85%
Landing Zones and Template Additional pages of specific content provide traceable and measurable responses from click-through calls to action.
Campaign Dashboard Allows you to easily monitor the progress of all your email campaigns and make changes to improve effectiveness.
Blacklist Warning Allows you to take prompt action to have yourself removed from email blacklists.


Gold Email Marketing

Includes all of the features of the Bronze & Silver packages, plus the following additional features:

Feature Benefit
Dynamic content Gives you the ability to increase the responsiveness of your emails by matching relevant content to individual recipients
Surveys Add your own surveys to your emails to obtain insight, measure customer satisfaction and improve your profiling of customers and prospects.
Group List Builder Build profiled segmented lists based on real behaviour to improve response rates for future campaigns.
Triggered emails Helps build relationship by automating response to recipients’ actions, request for further information etc.
Click-through tracking Build groups and identify individual preferences based on what recipients do and what interests them as they visit landing zones, web pages or other links.
Web capture tab Enables you to clearly see what interests recipients when they click through to your website.
Content rating Helps you identify subjects that are of most interest by asking recipients to score to the content of your emails.
Split testing Allows you to test two options of email content and subject line for your campaigns.
iScore Create group lists for hot subjects or products based on iscore behavioural criteria set when creating content.