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Have you ever been nagged for ages by your kids to go to a new show, or amusement park or theme park that has come to town?

Do you remember setting off, feeling all great but you just can't quite find it. The kids keep asking, "are we there yet?" you start to feel more and more frustrated and just can't believe it's not signposted.

Eventually you find a sign for it, follow it but it turns out to be a dead end.

Have you ever felt this frustrated when using the Internet, perhaps searching in Google for something, and no-matter how hard you try you just can't find it? Eventually you give up and look for something else, or an alternative supplier.

Can your clients find your website easily, or are they just going to someone they can easily find?

Home Furniture Direct's sales have gone from strength to strength since Impact Web Solutions redesigned, promoted and built their online furniture store. Since the site launched in 2004, Home Furniture Direct have successfully increased their online sales year on year culminating in an increase during December 05 and January 06 of 300% over the previous year's results.


These sales are driven entirely through their website, with no paid for Google ads, relying entirely on organic search engine optimisation and promotion to achieve results.

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